Month: October 2018

Robert De Niro into the ring with Scorsese: a double triump

New York, 14 November Films about the fight game have an honorable place in the history of Hollywood, but none of them have had the crunching immediacy of Martin Scorsese5s work Raging Bull. Robert De Niro stars as New York`s Jake La Motta, one of the hardest middleweights ever to pull on the gloves and a man whose biggest opponent was himself. To play La Motta in bloated middle age, De Niro refused prosthetics and put on 55 pounds in an eating marathon in France and Italy. The scorching fight scenes, brilliantly edited by Thelma Schoonmaker with sickening sound effects by Frank Warner, capture the savage beauty of prize fighting in all its sweat-drenched, blood-spattered glory.

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